Volunteers Welcome!

We love our ASCS volunteers! In a very real way, your contributions of time, talent, and treasure help our school and students thrive.
Our goal is to i
nvolve parents more actively in their child’s education, while helping to keep down the increasing costs of educating children.  Parents have an opportunity to sign up for various activities throughout the year.


Each family is required to make a donation to the school auction with an item valued at $125.00 or $125.00 in cash. If the item or cash is not received by the due date in January the family will be charged a $75.00 late fee. 


We are fortunate to have a great fundraising opportunity that simply requires you to change your purchasing habits. Each family is required to purchase $100 in SCRIP rebates, which are gift cards for many stores and restaurants that you already frequent. You pay cash value for the card and the school receives a percentage back each month. You will need to set up an online SCRIP account at in order to track your SCRIP purchases.
You may buyout this commitment by sending in a check for $100 at the beginning of the school year. 


Every K-8 family is expected to complete a minimum of 30 volunteer hours/year with 15 hours devoted to major fundraising activities.
Families in the ELC are expected to complete a minimum of 20 volunteer hours/year with 12 hours devoted to major fundraising activities.

Commitment Hours are required for all ASCS families.


Student safety is a top concern at All Saints. To volunteer in the school you must go through Safe Environment training. Please register through Virtus to complete a background check and register for a Safe Environment class. Please contact the school office if you have questions.