scrip fundraising

use script gift cards to support ascs

What if we told you that we found a guaranteed way to have national and local businesses donate $75,000 or maybe even $150,000 to our school? Would you recommend ASCS pursue that? Would you help?

What if every time you bought groceries, 6% of your bill were donated to our school...from the store's funds, not yours...would you be willing to make that happen?
What if your business bought its supplies or paid for travel expenses like gas, hotel and airfare using scrip?
These recurring and large expenditures can bring hundreds of dollars into the school to support our students.

  • shop with scrip

    Cards are available for purchase in the school office during normal business hours.  You can also purchase digital gift cards through the RaiseRight App or online at Shop with Scrip.  Cards are purchased at face value and GL Scrip send a rebate back to the school based upon the card value.