From our youngest Pre-School room to our oldest 8th grade class, our rooms are set up with students safety, collaboration and engagement in mind. In every grade, students are taught 21st century skills to help develop and form them for their future calling. Our Schoolwide Learning Expectations describe skills and attitudes of an All Saints Catholic School graduate.

Early Learning


Middle school

Section Title

all saints graduates are...

  • faithful christians

    I demonstrate knowledge of Catholic beliefs, practices and traditions. I participate in prayer, liturgical and sacramental experiences.

  • responsible decision-makers

    I make informed decisions based on my faith values. I use technology responsibly and I analyze how my decisions affect myself, others, and my environment.

  • servant leaders

    I show respect for myself and others. I work to enrich the lives of others and create a more just and peaceful world.

  • Effective communicators

    I communicate clearly in words, numbers and pictures, keeping in mind purpose and audience. I listen to others and respond appropriately.

  • quality producers

    I take pride in producing high-quality work. I evaluate and improve my work independently.

  • self-directed learners

    I demonstrate curiosity, initiative, responsibility and a strong work ethic in my learning. I set goals and work toward achieving them.

  • community contributors

    I care about others and the greater community. I see a need and take action to serve the greater good.

  • collaborative teammates

    I work cooperatively and effectively with a team to produce better results than can be achieved alone.

  • complex problem solvers

    I identify, describe and solve problems and challenges in my life and in the world with a creative and innovative mindset.